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"Challenge of change" conference officially inaugurated
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Četvrtak, 18 Listopad 2018 12:47

18.10.2018 13:47:00 -  

Human rights of migrants: complaints regarding police treatment still not investigated
Izvor:  ombudsman.hr
Četvrtak, 18 Listopad 2018 06:25

Although the Ombudswoman Lora Vidović has repeatedly warned on migrants’ complaints on police violence, she has not yet received the answer from neither the Ministry of Interior nor from the Chief State Attorney’s Office (DORH) about undertaken efficient investigations which should confirm or deny the allegations. This was reported to the Parliamentary Committee on Human and National Minority Rights at the thematic session held on 18th October 2018.

Thus it is still not known why parts of thermal cameras video are missing, one of the examples being a part shot at the exact time of the alleged incident reported to Ombudswoman, even though the video just before and just after it is recorded. The police claimed the electricity went out exactly at the time of the alleged incident, but the Ministry of Interior has not answered the question as to whether they have informed and whom, on the power supply failure. Also, since all events are noted in the registry of the thermal and camera system, in case the video was erased, there should be a log containing the name of the person that erased the video, and probably an official memo on who has ordered it.

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Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency grants a pre-trade transparency waivers for non-equity instruments
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Srijeda, 17 Listopad 2018 12:51

17.10.2018 13:51:00 -  

Extraordinary CROBEX and CROBEXtr revision
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Petak, 12 Listopad 2018 13:21

12.10.2018 14:21:00 -  

New in Zagreb – The Image of War Museum
Izvor:  Visit Croatia - a travel guide
Ponedjeljak, 08 Listopad 2018 15:28

Croatia’s wonderful capital city, Zagreb, is home to many fine museums. Its latest one – the Image of War Museum – opened only a couple of months ago, has already been receiving rave reviews from visitors.

Image of War Museum

Image of War Museum, Zagreb

Image of War Museum, Zagreb

The Image of War Museum

Image of War is a museum of war photography whose aim is to show the horrors of armed conflict through the eyes of professional photographers. The museum also tells the stories of the ordinary and innocent people caught up in wars.

Sadly, war is something that the country of Croatia has experienced in its relatively recent past. To this end, the museum’s first exhibition is titled “Up Close and Personal: War in Croatia”. It covers the war in the country from 1991 to 1995, featuring images by world-renowned photographers, as well as  stories and photographs taken by ordinary people and collected through an online campaign on museum’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Danilo Gregović, the museum’s founder, says:

“War is hell. In Croatia we still remember it vividly because we lived through it quite recently but the message seems to be forgotten easily. War unleashes the worst and the best in humans. The mission of our museum is to show both sides of human nature. Visitors will be able to learn about real and personal tragedies but also about hope, friendship and mercy. This is the power of photography – it tells personal stories in a universally understandable and relatable way.”

As well as promoting peace and raising awareness about the destructiveness of war, the museum will actively work towards changing the realities of those directly affected by war today. Part of the revenue from all tickets sold will be donated to refugees and war victims.

Image of War Museum, Zagreb

Image of War Museum, Zagreb

Croatia’s First Crowd Funded Museum

The museum recently raised funds through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo titled “War belongs in a museum”, making it the first crowdfunded museum in Croatia. This message – “war belongs in a museum” – reflects the basic idea behind this anti-war museum: to make war a thing of the past by stimulating dialogue about its devastating consequences and educating on the imperative of peace for everyone.

Visiting the Image of War Museum

The Image of War Museum opened on 8th August 2018 and has already received fantastic reviews by visitors.

The museum is open daily (except Mondays) from 10am to 8pm. It is located at  Ulica Andrije Hebranga 4, close to Zrinjevac Park and a short walk south from the main Ban Jelacic Square.

Tickets cost 50 Kunas for adults, 40 Kunas for concessions (students/pensioners/veterans). It is 80 Kunas for couples, and for groups of 10 or more, it is only 30 Kunas per person.

Further information about the museum can be found on their website or their Facebook page.

Image of War Museum, Zagreb

Image of War Museum
Andrije Hebranga 4

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CE Enter monthly trading report for third quarter of 2018.
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Petak, 05 Listopad 2018 14:10

5.10.2018 15:10:00 -  

The Zagreb Stock Exchange monthly trading report for third quarter of 2018.
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Petak, 05 Listopad 2018 14:08

5.10.2018 15:08:00 -  

CE Enter monthly trading report for September 2018
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Utorak, 02 Listopad 2018 12:59

2.10.2018 13:59:00 -  

The Zagreb Stock Exchange monthly trading report for September 2018
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Utorak, 02 Listopad 2018 12:58

2.10.2018 13:58:00 -  

Croatia v England – Two nations hope (as does Visit Croatia…we’re just not sure what for)
Izvor:  Visit Croatia - a travel guide
Utorak, 10 Srpanj 2018 17:41

We here at Visit Croatia will have a very tough evening of it tomorrow. (Not as hard as the two teams on the pitch…but close.) As evidenced by our website, we’re obviously based in the UK and are English. And as also evidenced by our website…we’re also Croatian!

When the 2018 World Cup kicked off on 14th June, never in our wildest dreams would we think that one of our teams would make it to the semi-finals. To have both our teams make it is unbelievable. Two have both our teams make it and play each other is…oh, what?

Croatia v England

As a friend pointed out – “you’ll be the crazy person cheering everyone” during the match, which is very true! If Kane heads a chance just wide, we will be exclaiming “Argh!! NOOOO!!” or “HA HA!! YES!!”? If Pickford saves a long range shot from Modric, we will shout “What a shot!!” or “What a save!!”?

Maybe we’ll just keep our mouth shut, sipping a cup of tea and/or sljivovica to calm our nerves.

Probably both.

Wonder what a sljivovica & tea cocktail tastes like…

England and Croatia at World Cups

In the last World Cup in Brazil four years ago, neither team even made it out of the group stage. Croatia had a disappointing go of it, finishing third in their group (behind Brazil and Mexico), but at least winning one match (a 4-0 victory against Cameroon). England had an even worse time of it, ending up bottom of their group and getting only one point – thanks to a dismal 0-0 draw with Costa Rica.

It can’t have escaped the notice of anyone in England that the last time they reached the World Cup semi-final was in 1990 – when 16 players of the current England squad weren’t even born. By contrast, 10 of the Croatian squad hadn’t been born yet either…but neither had the entire country! (Croatia only gained independence in 1991.)

Croatia were last (and only) in a World Cup semi-final in 1998, when the ‘dream team’ made up of star players such as Davor Suker, Zvonimir Boban, Slaven Bilic, Igor Stimac, Robert Prosinecki and more ended up finishing an absolutely remarkable third. (Not forgetting a stunning 3-0 victory against Germany in the quarter finals along the way.) Davor Suker was even the Golden Boot winner of that World Cup.

Funnily enough, if England had topped their group instead of losing to Romania in their last game – pushing them into second place – they actually would have played Croatia instead of Argentina.

And not lost on penalties.

And probably not had Beckham sent off either.

Oh well.

Croatia vs England through the years

The two countries have obviously played each other a number of times over the years, but no match has ever been as important as tomorrow’s game.

The next closest was a game in the group stages of Euro 2004, when England won 4-2 and a teenage Wayne Rooney scored twice.

There’s been plenty of other memorable moments, of course. Who can forget the ‘wally with a brolly’ Steve McLaren, sheltering under a huge umbrella at the side of a very soggy Wembley pitch in 2007 when Croatia unexpectedly beat England 3-2 – completely ruining their chances of qualifying for the Euros?

Or Paul Robinson (not Jim’s son and Scott’s brother – the goalie version instead) scoring a bizarre own goal as Borat looked on, leering. (Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.)

The very first time the two sides ever met was at a friendly in the ‘old’ Wembley on 24th April 1996. And Visit Croatia was there! I can’t proclaim it was a brilliant match (it was a largely boring 0-0 draw), but it was incredibly exciting to see Croatia play England for the first time, especially in that magical arena. Check out the programme and the squads from that day:

England v Croatia 1996

Tickets only £23!

England v Croatia 1996

And Jackie Charlton as ‘special guest’!

Croatia v England, 11th July 2018

To look at it on the positive side – at least we’ll have one team in the World. Cup. Final. (Wow!! We can’t believe it!)

All we can say is – may the best team win.

(Just not on penalties.


We’ve already suffered through the drama of three penalty shootouts and we can’t take another one.)

The post Croatia v England – Two nations hope (as does Visit Croatia…we’re just not sure what for) appeared first on Visit Croatia.

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