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International Human Rights Day: It is important to fight for rights, including the rights of others!
Izvor:  ombudsman.hr
Ponedjeljak, 10 Prosinac 2018 09:29

On December 10th the world is celebrating the Human Rights Day and this year also the 70th anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document represents a civilizational step forward, when numerous countries within the UN decided to prevent the repetition of atrocities that happened during the World War II, that demonstrated what is one human being capable of doing to other human being.

According to the Universal Declaration, the human rights are the basis of freedom and justice in the world as well as the path to freedom of fear and freedom of poverty.

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Catamaran Ferry ‘Karolina’ – (Jadrolinija)
Izvor:  Croatia Ferries
Subota, 08 Prosinac 2018 22:39

Catamaran Ferry ‘Karolina’  is owned by Jadrolinija ferry company. At the present, it serves the fast ferry line between Split and Vis Island. Photo: Catamaran ‘Karolina’ docked in Vis ferry port waiting for the next departure towards Split. It is running the 9602 ferry route that connects Split via Hvar and Milna to [&hellip

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18 Tips For First-Time Travel To Croatia
Izvor:  Croatia Travel Guide & Blog
Subota, 08 Prosinac 2018 07:45

18 Tips For First-Time Travel To Croatia

In this week's Croatia travel tips we are sharing our tips for first-time travel to Croatia. Readers of our blog, often send us emails with questions regarding their upcoming, and often first-time, visit to Croatia. So we've decided to publish a post with some of the most common concerns, misconceptions, and general tips. Even if you've […]

Croatia Travel Guide & Blog

The Zagreb Stock Exchange monthly trading report for November 2018
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Utorak, 04 Prosinac 2018 09:39

4.12.2018 9:39:00 -  

Advent in Zagreb
Izvor:  Croatia Travel Guide & Blog
Ponedjeljak, 03 Prosinac 2018 15:00

Advent in Zagreb

Long gone are days when Zagreb looked like a provincial village on a fair day during the Christmastime. Now, advent in Zagreb is one of the best Europe. In fact it holds a title of The Best Christmas Market in Europe for the last three years. Even more, it seems like the fun has just began, […]

Croatia Travel Guide & Blog

Adventure Trail Novalja 2018
Izvor:  The official website of the Tourist Office Novalja - your first choice
Utorak, 27 Studeni 2018 18:05

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Objava Adventure Trail Novalja 2018 pojavila se prvi puta na Visit Novalja.

Catamaran Ferry ‘Nona Ana’ – (G&V Line)
Izvor:  Croatia Ferries
Srijeda, 21 Studeni 2018 15:11

Catamaran Ferry ‘Nona Ana’ docked in Korcula ferry port. It is running the 9807 ferry route that connects Dubrovnik via Sipan, Mljet and Korcula to Lastovo. The vessel is owned by G&V Line Company. This fast ferry has a capacity of 200 passengers with two salons. The length is 29 m, width is [&hellip

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Hostel Dalmatia – where the mountains kiss the sea
Izvor:  Visit Croatia - a travel guide
Srijeda, 21 Studeni 2018 12:45

If you’re thinking about a trip to the Dalmatian coast in the off season but are concerned that everywhere will be shut outside of the major towns and cities, don’t be! If you know where to look, there’s still plenty of places to enjoy!

One such place is Hostel Dalmatia, offering travellers a tranquil getaway in stunning nature. Located in Marusici on the Omis Riviera, just a 1/2 hour south of Split on the way to Dubrovnik, between both Omis and Makarska along the scenic Dalmatian coast. The hostel is close enough to Split and other larger towns to enjoy their nightlife, but also in a quieter location for those looking for serenity and a more relaxed pace.

Hostel Dalmatia

Hostel Dalmatia

The friendly living room

Marusici itself is divided into a lower and upper village, with the highway from Split dividing the town into the two parts. The upper village has a small church, and is home to Croatia’s 3rd largest olive oil producer, Orgula, which has tours and tastings in-season. Hostel Dalmatia is in the lower village, and two beautiful pebbly beaches – each with its own unique charm and character – are within a 5-minute walk from the hostel. There are lots of hidden gems in the nearby towns and villages, and the hostel owners love to share their knowledge with all the guests who become like family.

Hostel Dalmatia

Sunset from the rooftop

Hostel Dalmatia

One of the nearby beaches

The hostel has 3 private rooms, each with its own bathroom and balcony overlooking the Adriatic and the nearby island of Brac and surrounding mountains. There’s also a mixed-bed dorm room with its own bathroom and balcony as well. All rooms have air-conditioning and heating, and there is strong free wi-fi throughout the hostel. Enjoy the views from the huge terrace overlooking the sea, while also enjoying the laid-back vibe that all guests enjoy during their stay.

Best of all, the hostel is open year-round! To inquire in the off-season, message the hostel directly regarding off-season availability and rates (as the online calendar is offline during this time).

Hostel Dalmatia
Put Borka #20, 21318 Marusici

The post Hostel Dalmatia – where the mountains kiss the sea appeared first on Visit Croatia.

The Ombudswoman Report on Human Rights for 2017 now available in English
Izvor:  ombudsman.hr
Srijeda, 21 Studeni 2018 10:08

The report of the Ombudswoman on the human rights situation in Croatia in 2017 in now availeble in English and can be downloaded here. It contains the analysis and human rights assessment for the last year as well as 231 recommendations for elimination of systemic problems.

It shows that citizens continued encountering almost the same problems as in earlier years. A fifth of them lives in the risk of poverty, which is many times more frequent in rural areas. At the same time, the social subsidies do not cover basic living needs. The system of debt enforcements is still neither efficient nor fair, since it generates additional debts to debtors, and makes more difficult for creditors to collect their claims.

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Relativisation of the Ustasha crimes violates the fundamental values of the Constitution, with a lack of reaction opening room to hatred
Izvor:  ombudsman.hr
Utorak, 20 Studeni 2018 13:46

Condemnation of fascism, in Croatia inaugurated in the form of the Ustasha regime of the Independent State of Croatia (ISC), a puppet state created under the aegis of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, is a fundamental value of the modern democratic world, with particular recognition given to anti-fascist struggle in those countries that once found themselves under fascist rule, including Croatia. According to the historical foundations of the Croatian Constitution, which not only carry immense symbolic and political significance and include the legal grounds, goals, purpose and basic values of the state and society, but are also important for understanding and interpreting the Constitution, in the course of the Second World War the Croatian national sovereignty manifested itself in decisions of the Territorial Anti-Fascist Council of the National Liberation of Croatia (Cro. Zemaljsko antifašističko vijeće narodnog oslobođenja Hrvatske, ZAVNOH), and in opposition to the proclamation of ISC.

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