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General Meeting of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc.
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Utorak, 26 Svibanj 2020 15:39

26.5.2020 15:39:00 -  

18 Tips For First-Time Travel To Croatia
Izvor:  Croatia Travel Guide & Blog
Utorak, 26 Svibanj 2020 08:45

18 Tips For First-Time Travel To Croatia

In this post we are sharing our tips for first-time travel to Croatia, including some of the most common concerns, misconceptions, and general tips.

Croatia Travel Guide & Blog

News: Croatian Foreign Minister in Web Discussion
Izvor:  Croatia Business Report
Ponedjeljak, 25 Svibanj 2020 18:34

Croatian Foreign Minsiter Gordan Grlić Radman took part in a ‘Websalon’ held by the Untited Europe organisation. It was entitled ‘United or divided – Europe’s historic Test of Relevance and Solidarity’.

Amongst other things, he said: “Although our Presidencyʼs slogan is ‘A strong Europe in a world of challenges’, no one expected to challenge of the pandemic. However, we showed determination and flexibility and we succeeded to organise work in the Council, i.e. by organizing more than 30 ministerial videoconferences.”  More comments from him and the full video can be seen here.

News: TV Interview with Croatian MEP Željana Zovko
Izvor:  Croatia Business Report
Nedjelja, 24 Svibanj 2020 22:05

Željana Zovko MEP

Croatian Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko, of the ruling HDZ party, recently gave an extensive interview to the PoteÅ¡tat programme on the Televizija Jadran channel. The interview has been made available on her website with English subtitles. This a good chance for non-Croatian speakers to watch an in-depth interview with a Croatian politician as seen in Croatia, as opposed to the occasional soundbite on English speaking media. Topics covered include her work in the European Parliament, Croatia in the EU, Croatia’s presidency of the EU council, Croatian politics, the accession process to the EU of the Western Balkans countries and more. It can be seen – complete with handy subject segments – here.

News: Tourists Slowly Start to Return to Croatia
Izvor:  Croatia Business Report
Nedjelja, 24 Svibanj 2020 18:38

Courtesy CNTB/Ivo Bio�ina

The Croatian National Tourist Board is reporting that due to the progress of Croatia in dealing with Covid-19, its borders are slowly opening for tourist. Currently entry is allowed for owners of real estate and vessels, who must confirm ownership with documentation at the borders, those who have proven economic/business interests and for tourists who have valid reservations for accommodation or boat charter.

There were about 9,000 arrivals and 85,000 overnight stays between 11 – 17 May, the largest group being from Slovenia. An increase in visitors from traditional markets, via bilateral European Union agreements,  such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic is expected.

Catering facilities, restaurants and tourist attractions such as the walls of Dubrovnik are open – although with rules in relation to Covid-19. Airline links are also starting to open.

Anyone intending to visit Croatia should of course ensure that they check on the latest requirements for entry.  The CNTB website is here.

The full press release from the CNTB:

 Croatia Welcomes Tourists Back

First tourists visited Plitvice Lakes National Park and walked the walls of Dubrovnik

Plitvice Lakes
Courtesy CNTB/Luka Esenko

Due to the excellent epidemiological situation in Croatia, its national borders are slowly but surely opening for many travel enthusiasts who want to spend their holidays in one of Croatia’s destinations. Thus, entry into the country is permitted to all owners of real estate and vessels, who confirm their ownership when crossing the border with appropriate documentation, and entry is allowed to any person with proven economic or other business interests. Crossing the border is also possible for all tourists who have valid reservations for accommodation or boat charter.

That tourism is slowly returning to Croatia is also clear from the tourist traffic recorded during the first week since the entry of foreign citizens into the country was permitted – in the period from 11th to 17th May there were about 9,000 arrivals and 85,000 overnight stays in Croatia. The largest number of arrivals was recorded in accommodation in households and in hotels. Observed by markets, the largest number of arrivals was by domestic guests and guests from Slovenia. Due to bilateral agreements on the European Union level, Croatia is expected to soon see an increase in tourist traffic from other markets, primarily from nearby countries from where the Croatian destinations are easily accessible by road, such as Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and, of course, Germany. These are the markets from which Croatia traditionally records the largest number of visitors.

An additional lure for all those who wanted to travel during the pandemic is the fact that catering facilities and restaurants have started operating in Croatia, but also public facilities – beaches, swimming pools, national parks and nature parks, as well as other tourist facilities and attractions, such as the walls of Dubrovnik, are now open to public. Rules and recommendations on how to safely enjoy all these places have been clearly prescribed, with the aim of maintaining a favourable epidemiological situation that confirms the international status of Croatia as a safe tourist destination.

The highest intensity of tourist traffic from foreign markets is expected at the beginning of July, when a larger number of international airlines are expected to resume their operations. In Croatia, the national carrier Croatia Airlines has reintroduced domestic flights connecting Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, and is reintroducing other European flights, starting with a number of flights from Frankfurt to Zagreb and the Zagreb-Amsterdam route, which is announced for May 25. New flight schedules to Croatia are also expected to be announced soon by other commercial airlines, as well as tour operators.

Croatia is ready for what it does best, and that is tourism. Tourism based on quality, kindness and most importantly in these times, safety. Regular updates of travel information, as well as links to prescribed protection and health measures can be found on the website of the Croatian National Tourist Board.












All You Need to Know about Driving in Croatia
Izvor:  Croatia Travel Guide & Blog
Nedjelja, 24 Svibanj 2020 08:20

All You Need to Know about Driving in Croatia

If you are visiting Croatia for the first time, you might wonder what driving in Croatia might be like. In this guide, you will find all information you need to know if you plan to drive in Croatia.

Croatia Travel Guide & Blog

Update of Trading Manual
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Petak, 22 Svibanj 2020 12:35

22.5.2020 12:35:00 -  

Q and A with Daria Reić, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in London
Izvor:  Croatia Business Report
Srijeda, 20 Svibanj 2020 18:05


Daria Reić

Questions by Brian Gallagher

International tourism has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. We spoke with Daria Reić, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in London about the impact on Croatia.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Croatian tourism, what measures have been taken to protect the tourist industry?

The Ministry of Tourism has devised a series of measures to help the industry cope with the effects of the pandemics.

A liquidity credit line has been secured for the tourism sector in the amount of HRK 600 million. An extensive list of measures includes: exemption from half of the annual amount of the tourist tax lump sum for private renters and family farms and prolongation of the legal deadline for recategorisation for all catering facilities (renters, hotels, camps, marinas …).

Travel agencies are allowed a moratorium on termination of contracts for 180 days from the end of special circumstances and allowed the option of offering vouchers instead of refunds for cancelled reservations.

Also: Postponement / exemption of deadlines and benefits based on tourist membership fees and postponement / release of concessions for tourist land to hotels, tourist resorts and camps.

Have there been issues with people who have booked holidays to Croatia but have not been able to go due to Covid-19?

This is a universal problem the global tourism industry is facing at the moment. Once travel resumes completely, we hope to see many of those who were unable to travel earlier in the year, reschedule their visits.

Bol, Bra�
Photo courtesy CNTB/Ivo Bio�ina

How have you been maintaining interest in the UK for visiting Croatia? What can someone who wants to go to Croatia do at the moment?

In order to keep our audience engaged and inspired, we are staying proactive on social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we make continuous efforts to present Croatia as an interesting, safe, and high-quality destination.

In April, the Croatian National Tourist Board launched a new #CroatiaLongDistanceLove campaign.  As part of this communication concept, a dedicated page has been created on the Croatia.hr website, featuring all the best of Croatian tourism offer in the form of attractive video materials, virtual tours, beautiful photos and interesting information.

We have also launched the #CroFact campaign, aimed at bringing fun, interesting and lesser known facts about Croatia to our wide online audiences.

The European Commission has recently produced guidelines and recommendations for the lifting of travel restrictions to help tourism. How does this relate to the UK?

Things are moving in the positive direction in the EU, but the development of the situation within the UK remains to be seen – whether there will be any further restrictions and recommendations relating to travel outside the UK. Once aviation resumes, we hope to see a steady number of British visitors coming to Croatia.

Will there be special promotions when the situation is better?

We are preparing further marketing campaigns to inspire people to visit this year, which we will be launching once the right conditions in the market are achieved.

Croatia is perceived as a safe destination, an image that has been strengthened further during the pandemics due to the country’s effective handling of the crisis.

We will make sure to make use of this positive perception and focus on all what people are longing for at the moment – fresh air, preserved nature, fresh local food and variety of accommodation.

Christmas Market at Tkal�ićeva, Zagreb.
Photo courtesy CNTB/Julien Duval

Will there be more of an emphasis on Winter tourism this year, such as the Zagreb Christmas market?

Christmas markets are increasingly becoming an important element of the Croatian overall tourism offer and have been gaining in popularity with international audiences over the past few years. There is no doubt we will be enthusiastically promoting them closer to the time. However, the most important period for the Croatian tourism is summer months, and our focus at the moment is to make the best of this important period.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

The CNTB has a COVID-19 dedicated page on www.croatia.hr, where you can keep track of latest developments and travel advice, as well as enjoy quality content to help plan your future travel to Croatia.

Croatian companies part of the EBRD’s regional research programme
Izvor:  Zagrebačka burza - news
Srijeda, 20 Svibanj 2020 14:01

20.5.2020 14:01:00 -  

News: Croatian Legal System Webinar is Online
Izvor:  Croatia Business Report
Utorak, 19 Svibanj 2020 18:10

The 18 May webinar on the Croatian Legal System held by the Centre for the Renewal of Culture and Crodiaspora is online for viewing. The session was very informative. Topics covered included wills, property rights, the difference between the Land Registry and Cadastre and more.The session is was so successful that they are looking to do another one soon. The webinar can be seen on the Crodiaspora Facebook Page here (the first few introductory words are in Croatian, then the rest of it is in English).

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