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PHOTOS: Osijek fans clean snow off pitc​h to make sure game goes ahead
Izvor:  Croatia Week
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 12:45

(Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

OSIJEK, 16 December 2018 – Fans of Croatian first division football club NK Osijek have come to the club’s rescue to get their pitch ready in time for this weekend’s fixture.  

Heavy snow in eastern Croatia over the last couple of days left the Gradski vrt stadium un-playable yesterday, forcing the match between NK Osijek and Inter to be postponed.  

The ground yesterday (Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

The club quickly came up with an initiative to get the match play this weekend and called on fans to help clean the pitch, offering 25 kuna per hour and free tickets to the match.  

(Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

Fans, volunteers and club members turned up early on Sunday morning at Gradski vrt stadium to clean the snow so the teams could play at 1 pm. 

NK Osijek’s fans, ‘Kohorta’, quickly joined the initiative and decided not to accept the 25 kuna per hour offered but donated the money to charity. A good turn out meant the pitch was cleaned in quick time.

(Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

(Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

(Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

(Photo: NK Osijek Facebook)

Croatian Police Secretly Filmed Illegally Expelling Migrants?
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 11:16

Croatian Police Secretly Filmed Illegally Expelling Migrants?

Secretly filmed footage has been released reportedly showing the Croatian police illegally expelling migrants, including children, minors and women, from the country. Border Violence Patrol, which submitted the footage to Index.hr, guarantees the authenticity of the footage and supports it with GPS data, reports Index.hr on December 16, 2018.

According to the information provided to Index.hr, the expulsions were carried out in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), away from the official border crossings and without the presence of the BiH police. Such pushback of migrants, without due process and without the ability to seek asylum, is illegal and violates international laws, including the Geneva Convention.

The Ministry of Interior said they would respond to the footage after it had been published.

Video can be seen on the Index.hr website.

The footage was submitted anonymously to the Border Violence Monitoring (BVM) organisation. Border Violence Monitoring claims that the footage is the first evidence of systematic pushback conducted by the Croatian police far from official border crossings. They note they consider the footage to be authentic.

The extensive video material was shot by hidden cameras in a forest near Lohovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, covering the period between September 29 and October 10, BVP claims. The footage shows 54 illegal group pushbacks of at least 350 migrants, including women and children, claims BVP. Shooting can be heard on several occasions.

In 240 hours of video, 24 pushbacks were recorded during the day, while 30 were recorded in the dark. The most significant expulsion occurred on October 6, when five policemen deported 55 refugees. On October 9, the highest number of people were expelled. According to the BVP, at least 81 persons were expelled that day in eight separate pushbacks.

Officers have been recorded on several occasions with machine guns and police batons in their hands. On October 4th, a police officer threatens to use a baton, while on October 7, two policemen can be seen forcing migrants to walk in line, and one policeman hits a person.

BVP has also released photos of bullet cartridges. They claim to have found them at the location where the expulsions took place. They additionally claim that ammunition came from the HS-9 Tactical gun, the official weapon of the Croatian police.

Border Violence Patrol guarantees the authenticity of the footage and supports it with GPS data. They say that journalists can receive the original GPS data. They also claim that it is easy to get to the location in Bosnia and Herzegovina and compare it with the footage.

"These expulsions are illegal because they were not carried out at the official border crossings and were conducted without the presence of BiH officials. Also, documents from various organisations suggest that asylum applications filed by refugees have been rejected before the expulsion," the BVP reports. Reports by local organisations show that expulsions are often accompanied by destruction of migrant property, violence and theft.

The Interior Ministry and Minister Davor Božinović have persistently denied allegations and numerous reports about illegal activities allegedly conducted by the Croatian police towards migrants, including physical violence and property destruction.

Translated from Index.hr (reported by Denis Mahmutović).

More news on Croatia’s migrant policies can be found in our Politics section.

Croatian SDP Officials Meet Amid Further Defection of MPs
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 10:30

Croatian SDP Officials Meet Amid Further Defection of MPs

ZAGREB, December 16, 2018 – Croatian SDP (Social Democratic Party) leader Davor Bernardić, speaking at this year's last meeting of the party's main committee on Saturday, said that the purpose of the SDP's existence was to reduce social inequalities and combat injustice and discrimination.

He said that the situation in the SDP was not as gloomy as being portrayed by the media, after several lawmakers left this largest opposition party.

"Never in its history has parliament reflected the will of the citizens less than today. As many as 28 MPs have changed their political ideas and their party colours, completely negating the will of the citizens who elected them. Traitors and defectors from all parties, including those from the SDP, tried to fool the citizens with their inept spins, while only proving that they never cared about the SDP and social democracy. Those servants of the ruling HDZ showed their true colours and now it's quite clear why those same people tried to topple me and the SDP. Despite the attempts being made through the media to create an impression of gloom and doom, new people are joining us every day," Bernardić said.

He said that people were emigrating from Croatia not only because of low wages, but also because they cannot stand injustices and have no trust in the state institutions. "People have no trust in the institutions that are supposed to protect them against violence and crime, and are disillusioned. Thugs are walking the streets freely, acquitted by courts, while the country is sinking in scandals and the State Attorney is doing nothing."

"Love for Croatia is shown not by waving flags and denying truth and reality, but by showing our readiness to get out of the comfort zone, rise against injustice, fight for what we believe in and change the laws so that they protect personal freedoms, the rights of minorities and women, the rights of others and those who are different. We should believe in what we do, because as long as we believe in ourselves, people will not lose confidence in us and will not lose the faith that Croatia can be different. It's all up to us," the SDP leader concluded.

The main committee adopted the party's financial plan for 2019 and discussed preparations for next year's European Parliament election, policies for higher wages and pensions and health policy.

The meeting was not attended by deputy leaders Zlatko Komadina and Rajko Ostojić and most of the members of the SDP presidency.

More news on the dismal state of affairs in SDP can be found in our Politics section.

Education Minister Announces Action Plan to Prevent School Violence
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 10:22

Education Minister Announces Action Plan to Prevent School Violence

ZAGREB, December 16, 2018 - Education Minister Blaženka Divjak said on Saturday an action plan to prevent school violence would be made, adding that she supported warning about violence and that education and responsibility were the best prevention.

She was speaking on the occasion of a rally in Zagreb at which thousands of teachers demanded "safe schools without violence."

"I applaud and support the pointing to the importance of dealing with the problem of violence in schools and society. However, it is important that we are careful about the messages we send. We must remember that violence has never stamped out violence, and research proves that crucial in preventing violence is education and the responsibility of parents and schools as well as the inclusion of all relevant institutions and stakeholders," Divjak said in a press release.

The minister said she had convened a meeting to draw up a new action plan for the prevention of violence in schools which would include a change of the legal framework, the education of and a support system for teachers and parents.

Over the past 18 months, the ministry has significantly increased investments in education and programmes for the prevention of violence in schools, and it will increase funding for projects supporting violence-free schools, said Divjak.

More news on Croatia’s education system can be found in our Politics section.

Rugby Nada Split Becomes Croatian Champion for 17th Consecutive Time!
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 10:14

Rugby Nada Split Becomes Croatian Champion for 17th Consecutive Time!

Rugby Nada Split is the Croatian champion once again! In the final on Saturday, the Split club defeated Mladost from Zagreb 25:22, reports Dalmacija Danas on December 15, 2018. 

HARK Mladost, who has dreamed of a championship title since 1958, was once again unlucky as Split Nada captured their 35th Croatian Championship title and their 17th title in a row since the 2002/2003 season.

In the rematch of last season's final, we watched both teams in slightly altered formations. Mladost's team played without the experienced Bljica, Marko Buljanović and Šuta, but were strengthened with captain Nika Jurišić, who missed last season's final due to an injury. 

The Split team, headed by captain Krešimir Čorić, played without the help of Jelavić-Mitrović, Lerotić, Marčić, and others. Although without a few of their standard teammates, the Split team managed to find their rhythm and steadily upped the quality of their game to claim the title of Croatian champion once again. 

Nada, like the phoenix of Split's team sports, have guarded the successful tradition of the Split club all these years and resisted the pressure of clubs from northern Croatia. 

At the cult stadium Stari Plac, the soul of Split sports, Nada has built successes on the sweat and effort of Split's youth. This constant desire to prove, especially against the best, is the epitome of Split rugby.

Next year, Nada will celebrate their 60th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Nada's senior team plans to go on a preparatory tour of Scotland. Nada’s first tour would take place on the soil of one of the homes of rugby in February 2019. 

The club is asking fans to help the senior team play two matches against Scottish teams and perhaps watch the game between Scotland and Ireland. For more information, you can visit Nada’s website

To read more about Split, follow TCN's dedicated page

Croatian Christmas Recipes: Fritule
Izvor:  Croatia Week
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 09:54

Fritule are popular over Christmas (Photo: finirecepti.hr)

Fritule, or little Croatian doughnuts as foreigners like to call them, are a popular sweet in Croatia, especially over the Christmas period.

They are easy to make and there are a number of different twists to the recipe. Some people like to add apples, some like to add raisins and some people like to coat them in chocolate sauce.

Check out this fritule with apple recipe.


Eggs – 3
Apple – 1
Lemon – 1
Sugar – 80 g
Vanilla sugar – 10 g
Milk – 170 ml
Butter – 60 g
Rum – 30 ml
Flour – 250 g
Baking powder – 12 g
Cinnamon powder – 1 teaspoon
Crystal sugar – 150 g (for coating donuts)



1. Separate the egg whites and yolk, peel the apple and grate them, then pour lemon juice on them so they don’t oxidize

2. In a bowl with the egg yolk add 1/3 of the crystal sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until smooth and creamy

3. In another bowl whisk the egg whites until they start to ‘foam’. Then add the rest of the crystal sugar and keep beating until it is compact

4. In the bowl with the egg yolks add the butter (softened) and mix it well until smooth. Then add the milk and rum and keep mixing

5. Slowly then add the flour (through a sieve) and baking powder to the mixture whilst mixing

6. Add all the grated apple to the mixture and the egg white mixture and mix well

7. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes at least

8. With a spoon make the doughnut shape and deep fry in oil until they turn brown

9. Place on paper to drain the oil and roll in crystal sugar and cinnamon powder before serving

EasyJet Introduces Fifth New Line to Croatia, Talks Expansion
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 08:56

EasyJet Introduces Fifth New Line to Croatia, Talks Expansion

Just hours after British low-cost carrier EasyJet announced four new routes to Croatia for next summer, including connections between Dubrovnik and Berlin (Tegel), Pula and Amsterdam, Pula and Geneva, and Zadar and London (Gatwick), another line was introduced - Dubrovnik to Nantes, reports AvioRadar on December 13, 2018. 

Yet another new line for the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, EasyJet will operate between Dubrovnik and Nantes with three flights weekly, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from June 24 to August 30, 2019. 

This will be the first EasyJet line for Croatia from Nantes, in the northwest of France, though it is the 18th line from Dubrovnik and the fourth connecting Dubrovnik and France. Either the Airbus A319 or the Airbus A320 will be used for this service.

These 2019 announcements, however, are all a part of EasyJet’s plans to expand their operations in Croatia, which should see over one million seats on sale going to and from Croatia next year. The plans also place particular focus on Pula, reports Ex Yu Aviation on December 14, 2018. 

"With more than fifty services operating in Croatia, EasyJet is committed to providing Croatian clients with affordable trips, offering them a broad network of connections with major European cities. Pula is very trendy both with young people who want to go to the various festivals of Croatia, but also with more mature people as well, and we expect all our new routes to be especially popular with passengers,” said EasyJet’s UK Country Manager, Ali Gayward. 

"This announcement of our expansion highlights our commitment to providing affordable routes to summer holiday destinations. We’re sure that they will prove extremely popular for those looking for a summer break or visiting friends and family,” Sophie Dekkers, EasyJet's UK Country Director, added. 

The new EasyJet routes are also in direct completion with airlines such as Croatia Airlines (which flies between Amsterdam and Pula) and Swiss International Air Lines (which operates between Geneva and Dubrovnik). The new Nantes route for EasyJet, which flies to the Pearl of the Adriatic, will compete against Volotea and TUIfly Belgium, while the Dubrovnik-Berlin (Tegel) route faces off with Eurowings. 

In 2019, EasyJet will operate over 3,100 flights to Croatia during the peak season - July and August.

To learn more about EasyJet in Croatia, follow TCN's dedicated page

Croats in NBA: Dario Šarić Plays Best Game Yet for Minnesota
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 08:51

Croats in NBA: Dario Šarić Plays Best Game Yet for Minnesota

The Phoenix Suns, the worst team in the NBA league, have achieved only six wins in 30 games this season. One of them, unfortunately, was against Dario Šarić's new club the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday (107:99), reports Index.hr on December 16, 2018 

Croatia national team representative Dario Šarić finally got a chance in the starting lineup - the first time for his new club - and used the opportunity to play the best match since his abrupt move to Minnesota last month. The young Šibenik native was able to achieve a double-double, scoring 15 points with 11 rebounds, and was 50% for shots in play. Despite Šarić’s superstar effort, however, the Wolves entered their fourth consecutive defeat in their fourth straight away game. 

The Suns celebrated thanks to the return of their best player, Devin Booker, who missed six games due to lower back problems. Booker did not have any restrictions on his performance and scored 28 points during his 35 minutes on the court. He also added seven rebounds with just as many assists.

Šarić was given a chance in the starting lineup because Taj Gibson, the favorite of coach Tom Thibodeau, had to miss the game for personal reasons.

However, considering that he entered the game from the bench two games before this, Šarić is receiving more than 30 minutes on the court on average, and if we count this match, Šarić has, in the last three games, averaged 15.3 points and 8.3 rebounds, meaning he should continue to get good playing time at his new club. 

In other NBA news, Bojan Bogdanović scored 18 points, with five rebounds and two assists, and started the turnaround of the Indiana Pacers, who celebrated 113:101 away in Philadelphia - even though the 76ers had a 10-point advantage in the second half. 


It was the 20th consecutive match in which Bogdanović achieved a double-digit number of points and his seventh game in December alone. In December, the Pacers completed six wins, and Croatia’s best basketball player averaged 20.5 points.

To read more about Croats in the NBA, follow TCN's dedicated page

Croatian Cooking: Sinjski Arambaši Recipe
Izvor:  Chasing The Donkey Croatia
Nedjelja, 16 Prosinac 2018 01:00

Croatian Cooking: The most famous dish from Sinj cuisine is Sinjski Arambaši Recipe, and it's protected as an item on the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Here is a an easy to make Sinjski Arambaši Recipe.

Dubrovnik Airport to Welcome Record Breaking 2.54 Million Passengers in 2018
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Subota, 15 Prosinac 2018 23:54

Dubrovnik Airport to Welcome Record Breaking 2.54 Million Passengers in 2018

Dubrovnik Airport will end 2018 with a record-breaking 2.54 million passengers, which is 9.5 percent more than last year. Next year, the airport expects to increase the number of passengers by 4.6 percent, said Frano Luetić, Dubrovnik Airport Managing Director, reports Poslovni.hr on December 15, 2018. 

At a press conference on Friday, Luetić said that this year's revenue is expected to be 415.3 million kuna or 16.3 percent more than last year, and it is estimated that the net profit will amount to 72 million kuna and is in line with the gain for the past year. The expected operating profit is 170 million kuna, which is an increase of 14 percent compared to last year.

"The year was a bit intense and turbulent, but our plan to grow by 10 percent has almost come to fruition. We have always had double-digit growth, and this year it is above the international average, and we are proud of that," Luetić said.

Luetić recalled that this year, as part of the "Dubrovnik Airport Development" project, worth 225 million euro (of which 158.3 million euro came from EU funds), a new passenger terminal was built, enabling “the comfortable travel of passengers through the airport, and the reconstruction of maneuvering areas”. 

He also highlighted works on the reconstruction of the runway tracks, which saw 1200 meters completed by the tourist season. The central part of the runway was reconstructed after the season and traffic normalized on December 10th. Work on the track will continue and is expected to be completed by March 15, 2019.

According to the announcements, Dubrovnik Airport expects the most significant growth from Western and Central Europe, especially the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

However, as the most crucial event, Luetić pointed out the arrival of the world's largest carrier - American Airlines. 

"After 28 years, Croatia and the US - Dubrovnik and Philadelphia will be connected for the first time. American Airlines is the largest company in the world, employs more than 150,000 people, has 950 aircraft, and will connect Dubrovnik three times a week from June to the end of September with the Boeing 767 aircraft which has business and economy class,” Luetić said.

Among others, he stressed that the FlyDubai aircraft would continue to fly to Dubrovnik Airport, and the arrival of the largest European low-cost carrier Ryanair will be announced, which will connect Dubrovnik twice a week to Dublin.

In 2019, Dubrovnik Airport will see between 65 and 70 active airlines. 

To read more about Dubrovnik, follow TCN's dedicated page

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