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Croatian Restaurants in Anticipation of Michelin Stars Announcement
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 10:46

Croatian Restaurants in Anticipation of Michelin Stars Announcement

We are getting closer to mid-February, and the Croatian restaurant owners and chefs are getting more and more nervous: will there be new Michelin stars, will the current three be confirmed or perhaps even reinforced with additional ones, will the list of about fifty recommended restaurants be expanded? In the past two years, this was the time of the year when Michelin announced the names of restaurants that deserved a star or a recommendation, so the feeling of anticipation is quite understandable, reports Večernji List on February 10, 2019.

The first Michelin star in Croatia was presented in early 2017 to "Monte" in Rovinj, while the year later the acknowledgement for the quality of food, cooking skills and creativity was awarded to "Pelegrini" in Šibenik and the Dubrovnik restaurant with the unusual name "360°".

In addition to these three restaurants which many knew were great even before they received the stars, Michelin inspectors concluded a year ago that more than fifty Croatian restaurants deserved their special recommendation. The list was almost doubled compared to the previous year, so everyone is now waiting for the opinion of Michelin's inspectors for 2019.

Although the representatives of the world's most famous and most respected gourmet guide are still silent, it is expected that this year the first Michelin star could finally arrive in the Kvarner region. Industry insiders were surprised that in the last two years Michelin skipped this region known for its excellent restaurants and good food which is the reason why, in addition to Croatian guests, people from Italy, Slovenia and Austria often come to Kvarner for just a day or two.

The Kult Plave Kamenica writers have drafted a list of eight potential candidates for this year’s Michelin stars, which includes two restaurants from Kvarner, “Plavi Podrum” from Volosko and "Matsunoki" from Lošinj. The local restaurant insiders believe that Michelin might also award the "Boškinac" restaurant on Pag, and well as “Laganini” in Hvar, "Zinfandel’s" and "Noel" in Zagreb, "Batelina" in Banjole, "Lemongarden" on Brač, and "Vine Vault" in Rovinj.

We will know soon enough. The impatience is also growing due to the rumours that some of the restaurants have already received notices that they will be on the list of recommended restaurants. All Michelin awards bring more guests, and they are great news for tourism because more and more people want to eat top-notch food on holidays and some even choose the destination they will visit according to the quality of restaurants. The number of tourists who opted to visit Croatia primarily due to the gastronomy reached 29 per cent in 2017 when the Institute for Tourism conducted its latest research on the habits of guests.

All this is accompanied by the pressure and the stress for the restaurant owners who receive the Michelin stars. It was nice to see how delighted the owner of Rovinj's "Monte" Danijel Đekić was when two more Croatian restaurants received their stars, relieving him of the responsibility of being the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Croatia.

More news about restaurants in Croatia can be found in the Lifestyle section.

Translated from Večernji List (reported by Radmila Kovačević).

Croatian Captain Refuses to Help Drowning Migrants?
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 10:26

Croatian Captain Refuses to Help Drowning Migrants?

The commander of the Cordula Jacob tanker, allegedly a Croatian captain, is under investigation by the prosecution in Rome for failing to assist the shipwrecked. About 117 people eventually drowned, including ten women, one of whom was pregnant, and two children, including one infant, reports 24sata.hr on February 10, 2019.

According to Slobodna Dalmacija, the investigation was initially launched against the Italian Coast Guard, but after obtaining documents and listening to radio messages, it was redirected towards the Croatian seaman whose name is not known to the public.

On 18 January, the ship was sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the Libyan coast, about 42 miles north of Garabulli. The surviving three migrants – one from the Gambia and two from Ghana – claim that there were 120 people on a dinghy, that the smugglers had set them to sail without life jackets, that the dinghy lost air while on the sea, that the shipwrecked people fell one by one into the cold sea and soon drowned.

During the rescue operation, the closest merchant vessel Cordula Jacob was alarmed. According to the Italian military authorities, at the time it was 36.5 miles from the dinghy, about two hours of sailing, and could, by the same estimates, reach the shipwreck before the helicopter and possibly save more people.

It is not known why the commander hesitated and what he was told and asked to do by either Libyan or Italian naval authorities. Since Libya has established control over its maritime zone, merchant ships hesitate to come to aid because they can lose far more time than is necessary for receiving and transferring the shipwrecked, and shipowners do not measure time with a chronometer but instead with money.

The Italian naval authorities have allegedly managed to convince the commander of Cordula Jacob to change course and go towards the shipwreck only after threatening him to never again be able to sail into an Italian or Libyan port, according to La Repubblica.

Translated from 24sata.hr.

More news on the migrant crisis can be found in the Politics section.

4th KinoKino film festival for children to take place in Zagreb on Feb 20-24
Izvor:  Croatia Week
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 10:23

(Photo: KinoKino international film festival for children)

ZAGREB, Feb 10 (Hina) – The fourth edition of the KinoKino international film festival for children will take place in Zagreb’s Europa Cinema from February 20 to 24, organisers announced at a press conference earlier this week.

On show will be eight contemporary feature films for children which will be vying for the festival’s awards, including a festival premiere of the first Croatian SF film since Croatia became independent 27 years ago, entitled “My Grandpa Is an Alien”.

The festival’s director Selma Mehadzic said that the idea from the outset had been to create an attractive and educational programme for the youngest audiences to promote going to the cinema and understanding of cinematic content and culture in general.

KinoKino international film festival for children

She said she was very proud that attendance had been growing steadily from year to year, noting that the first festival had attracted about 2,000 visitors and the previous one about 4,500.

Mehadzic said she was glad to see that the cinema had become a place for children to meet, socialise and learn.

The competition programme provides an overview of the most important recent feature films for children from around the world. It includes the award-winning Danish comedy “I Am William”, the Dutch film “My Extraordinary Summer with Tess”, the Indian comedy “Pickhu’s Dream”, the German-Finnish co-production “Matti and Sammi and the Three Biggest Mistakes in the Universe”, the Turkish adventure film “My Short Words”, Kenya’s Oscar nomination “Supa Mondo” and the Serbian film “The Witch Hunters”, which won the main prize at the prestigious TIFF Kids festival in Toronto.

More details on the official website here.

Allowance for Second Half of Maternity Leave to Increase
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 09:28

Allowance for Second Half of Maternity Leave to Increase

ZAGREB, February 10, 2019 - The Assistant Minister of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, Ivica Bošnjak, said on Saturday that one of the measures of the Strategy for Democratic Revitalisation was to increase the amount of the parental allowance for the second half of maternity leave, but did not confirm that it would be in the full amount of parents' monthly wages.

Speaking to the press after the Jutarnji List daily of Saturday wrote that the Strategy for Democratic Revitalisation, which is under preparation, envisaged a higher parental allowance and that it would be paid in the full amount for the other six months as well, Bošnjak said that the Strategy would be finalised in April and that it was likely be put to public consultation in May or June.

"We are dedicated to improving the conditions, we are going in that direction," he said when asked by a reporter if the parental allowance would be paid in the full amount of the parents' wages for all 12 months. Currently it is paid in full only for the first six months of maternity leave.

Bošnjak dismissed the speculation that this measure was planned for next year because it was an election year, recalling that parental allowances had been increased by 50 percent in mid-2017 after a full nine years and children's allowances after a full eleven years.

He noted that the new Strategy was being drawn up after 13 years and that considerable investments had been made in kindergartens this year and last for the first time in 18 years. "Never before has central government made such investments. This is considerable progress and this measure is just one in a set of measures that will help improve the family environment."

Bošnjak said that Croatia would implement the EU directive that requires the introduction of paid paternity leave of 10 days after the birth of a child. He added that it was yet to be seen whether the implementation would start next year or after 2020 and whether such leave would be paid by the employer or the government.

More news on the demographic policies can be found in the Politics section.

HSS Getting Ready for European Elections
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 09:23

HSS Getting Ready for European Elections

ZAGREB, February 10, 2019 - The leader of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS), Krešo Beljak, said on Saturday he was certain that the HSS could make a positive surprise at the forthcoming European elections, and that the Amsterdam Coalition could become the strongest political group in Croatia.

"All together, as a party, we must work even better at all levels and we will prove that we will and can do this at the elections scheduled for May," Beljak told a party conference in Jastrebarsko, just southwest of Zagreb.

He said that the HSS would have three candidates on the list of 12 candidates to be fielded by the Amsterdam Coalition: Beljak himself, "as a leader who doesn't shrink from responsibility", independent candidate Zoran Bahtijarević and long-standing party member and economic expert Damir Novotny.

"I am certain that the HSS as a party, all of us here, and all our members throughout Croatia, can make a positive surprise and, with preferential votes for one of the three of the HSS candidates, gather enough votes to claim a victory at the elections for the European Parliament in 2019, and that our coalition, our alliance led by the HSS, can become the strongest political group in Croatia," Beljak said.

He recalled that the negotiations launched last autumn to gather together parties that could run together in the European Parliament elections had been productive and that as a result the HSS was now the leader of the Amsterdam Coalition. "It is an honour to us all that all these parties and all their prominent politicians have recognised and accepted the HSS as the leader of the whole coalition. That gives us additional strength and motivation to justify the confidence our coalition partners have placed in us."

Presenting a report on his work in the last seven months since the previous such conference, Beljak said that the HSS's approval ratings were far below what he would have wanted, but added that the ratings were increasing steadily. "We can only imagine what our ratings would be had all our former members, who did all they could to harm their party, focused their energies on strengthening the party," he said.

Delegates adopted Beljak's report and the new party statute. The report was adopted with five votes against and the statute with four votes against and one abstention. The conference was attended by 623 of 727 delegates, the party's secretariat told Hina.

More news on the European elections can be found in the Politics section.

Terry Fox Run Donation Presented to Ruđer Bošković Institute
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 09:17

Terry Fox Run Donation Presented to Ruđer Bošković Institute

ZAGREB, February 10, 2019 - A donation of 127,000 kuna (17,000 euro) raised during last year's Terry Fox Run charity event was formally presented to the Ruđer Bošković Institute's Laboratory for Hereditary Cancer at a ceremony in Zagreb on Saturday.

The formal presentation of the donation was organised by the Croatian Cancer Society and the Sveti Juraj Association of Cancer Patients as part of events marking the 25th anniversary of the World Day of the Sick.

The donation will be used by the Ruđer Bošković Institute's Laboratory for Hereditary Cancer for analysis of mutation profiles of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer to help in future therapeutic protocols.

Over 2,500 new cases of breast cancer are registered in Croatia annually, of which 200 are of a hereditary nature.

In the last 19 years, the international charity campaign the Terry Fox Run has attracted over 100,000 participants in Croatia. Last September, over 5,000 citizens joined the event at Zagreb's Lake Jarun, organisers said, thanking all the people who supported this charity effort with donations or in other ways.

The Terry Fox Run was organised, among others, by the Canadian Embassy in Croatia and the Croatian Cancer Society under the auspices of the President of the Republic, the Ministries of Health and Science, the State Office for Sport, and the Mayor of Zagreb.

This non-competitive event is organised every year in honour of Canadian athlete Terry Fox, who lost a leg to cancer. In order to raise money for treatment, in 1980 he embarked on a run across Canada, which he called the Marathon of Hope. He ran 143 days, covering 42 km a day, but failed to finish the run because the disease came back, claiming his life at 22. In his memory, the Fox family launched a drive to raise money for the fight against cancer, which is held every year in Canada and over 60 countries across the world, including Croatia.

More news on the Ruđer Bošković Institute can be found in the Lifestyle section.

Federations, Politicians, and Athletes Condemn Split Water Polo Attack
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Nedjelja, 10 Veljača 2019 09:14

Federations, Politicians, and Athletes Condemn Split Water Polo Attack

Three players from the Red Star Belgrade water polo team were attacked on the Split Riva on Saturday afternoon. 

Serbian Water Polo Players Attacked in Split
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Subota, 09 Veljača 2019 16:44

Serbian Water Polo Players Attacked in Split

ZAGREB, February 9, 2019 - Three Serbian water polo players were attacked on the waterfront promenade in the southern Croatian city of Split on Saturday afternoon. Two of the players managed to run away while one escaped by jumping into the sea.

Police were alerted at 1.40 pm that five youths had attacked three players of Belgrade's Red Star Water Polo Club on the Riva promenade, Hina was told.

"One of the water polo players jumped into the sea, while the other two escaped. By the time we arrived at the scene, the attackers had fled too. We offered medical assistance to the young man who jumped into the sea, but he refused. He doesn't have visible injuries for now. We took him to the hotel and conducted an interview there. We also interviewed the other two who had managed to escape. An investigation is under way," police spokeswoman Željka Radošević told Hina.

According to unofficial sources, the attackers were apparently provoked by the fact that the three players wore their team's jerseys.

The Belgrade team play the local side Mornar BS this evening.

More news on the water polo in Croatia and the region can be found in the Sports section.

Brodosplit CEO on the Future of Uljanik
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Subota, 09 Veljača 2019 16:40

Brodosplit CEO on the Future of Uljanik

ZAGREB, February 9, 2019 - Brodosplit management board chairman Tomislav Debeljak said on Saturday that at the moment it was important to ensure a financial injection for the Uljanik shipbuilding group and that a possible folding of the Uljanik and 3. Maj docks would mean the end of shipbuilding as a strategic industry in Croatia.

Speaking to Hina, he said the injection was necessary "to drastically cut the total expenses" and that it was also important "to reach a quick agreement between everyone involved so as to ensure all the conditions for recapitalisation."

Earlier this week the Brodosplit dock was selected as a strategic partner for the Uljanik Group.

Debeljak said he did not expect any problems with the unions active in Uljanik. "If we reach an agreement, we will have to urgently draw up and agree a restructuring plan and forward it to the European Commission for approval."

He said the Commission had approved a restructuring plan for Brodosplit at once and that he did not expect any delays with the one for Uljanik. He added that Brodosplit was "not interested in the real estate business", only in shipbuilding. "We would do the same thing we did in Brodosplit, which is efficient business on the world shipbuilding market and generating profit without state aid."

Debeljak said that if Uljanik and 3. Maj were to fold, the consequences for shipbuilding in Croatia would be grave, including for Brodosplit, at a time when the market had improved.

He said he wanted Croatia's shipbuilding to be strong, competitive and profitable, recalling that in 163 years Uljanik and 3. Maj had built all types of ships, delivering them worldwide. He said salvaging the two docks was important for keeping jobs as well as for progress in technology, education and science.

Asked about the impact of Brodosplit's engagement in the Uljanik Group, Debeljak said Croatia would have three large shipyards instead of one, "which would operate successfully and profitably, improving the balance of industrial production and exports without state aid."

He said Croatian shipyards could compete in the construction of passenger ships, and recalled that Brodosplit was building polar expedition cruise vessels for the Dutch company Oceanwide Expeditions and the US company Quark Expeditions.

More news on the Croatian shipbuilding industry can be found in the Business section.

EFJ Will Raise Issue of HRT Lawsuits against Journalists
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Subota, 09 Veljača 2019 16:35

EFJ Will Raise Issue of HRT Lawsuits against Journalists

ZAGREB, February 9, 2019 - The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) will raise the issue of Croatian public broadcaster HRT lawsuits against journalists at a meeting of partners in social dialogue between the audiovisual sector and the European Union, the Croatian Journalists Association (HND) said on Saturday.

The EFJ says in its February newsletter that secretary general Ricardo Gutierrez attended a round table in Zagreb a few days ago called "Journalist before the courts", organised by the HND. The topic was intimidation of journalists and media with lawsuits and lack of independence on the HRT.

The EFJ informs its members that the HRT management has brought 33 lawsuits against journalists, including HND president Hrvoje Zovko and the president of the HND's branch on the HRT, Sanja Mikleušević Pavić, the HND said, adding that the EFJ once again called on the HRT to drop the lawsuits.

More news on the media freedom in Croatia can be found in the Politics section

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