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VicksWeb Croatia is a news portal that displays current news from publishers in Croatia, big and small, and it allows for anybody that publishes a blog or a news website to add their site to our database. VicksWeb Croatia displays the news about Croatia, from Croatian publishers, in the Croatian language, and most importantly for the Croatian people.

Every month VicksWeb Croatia sends traffic to major news websites and blogs in Croatia because people open the site looking to find current news about the things that are happening here.


















Our stats from alexa.com are:

Bounce Rate:        10.60%
Daily pageview:     34
Daily time on site: 128.42

VicksWeb has been very publisher friendly but has not really catered to other businesses. This is why we came up with Marketplace. Marketplace is a way for individuals and business owners like you to get their companies or projects in front of the eyes of our readers. Start bringing traffic to your business and gain new customers.

This is how it works:

First register for a profile here

Then create a company page by adding information about your business here

After you submit your info, your page will be ready in 24hrs.

Your company page will be shown to readers in the form of a native ad on every device: desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. It may also get featured on our social channels. We also have options for tracking your campaign. Ad campaigns run for 24hrs and after that you can book a new day and time to run your ad again. You are only allowed one booking per day for 14 days.

Marketplace or "Places"

Recently we introduced Marketplace to Croatia. Marketplace or 'PLACES' is a way for people to discover businesses just like yours on VicksWeb. Marketplace is for business owners the  way Newsroom is for publishers.

With Marketplace your business gets a profile on VicksWeb Croatia. This profile is placed in a category pertaining to what your business is about (ex: food, finance, travel, pets& animals, tech, fashion, retail and shopping, and etc). Profiles are ranked by popularity so the most visited profile will rank higher. At the end of the week (23:59 Sunday night) we promote the 10 most popular profiles for each category across the VicksWeb network for one week. We advertise these profiles and send users to their websites or social network pages. The more people view your business profile, the higher it grows in popularity.

Your business's profile will contain information about your business such as contact info, addresses, websites, photos, and video interviews. Video interviews will be of the business owners, employees, and customers. Readers can visit the profile to rate your business and post comments.

If you are interested in having a profile on VicksWeb for your business, we can create one for it but without video. Profiles with videos perform better than those without video. To add video to your business's profile we would need to conduct an interview with you (the business owner) and a few employees.

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