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Croatia’s Green Sail launches clean-up campaign to celebrate World Oceans Day on 8 June
Izvor:  Croatia Week
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 08:28

SPLIT, Croatia 3 June 2020 – Green Sail, a Croatian non-profit organisation that deals with sustainable tourism within the nautical sector,...

Croatian Company Eco Mobile Provides First Smart Bins for City of Zagreb
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 08:21

Croatian Company Eco Mobile Provides First Smart Bins for City of Zagreb

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes on the 1st of June, 2020, the City of Zagreb presented contactless smart containers for waste management at European Square (Europski trg) on Tuesday. The products are made by a Croatian company called Eco Mobile, an IT company specialised in the development, production and implementation of advanced information and communication solutions to support processes in waste management.

What this Croatian company has designed is a ''green island'' that contains smart bins for paper, plastic, metal packaging and glass, and separate containers for small mixed municipal waste. The system uses a press to compress and reduce the waste by seven times.

Jure Leko, director of Cistoca, said that what has been made and presented by this innovative Croatian company is a pilot project and that they plan to install more smart bins at different locations around Croatia's bustling capital city.

"We're going further in the procurement of these bins, especially for containers for mixed municipal waste, which we'll set up on the stretch from the Main Station to Ban Josip Jelacic Square. By the way, we currently have to empty our containers six to seven times a day, which requires a greater need for workers and vehicles, and when we install these smart bins, we'll only need to empty them once a day,'' said Leko, adding that the smart bins will also be installed at all tram stations.

Containers for the disposal of waste paper, plastic, metal packaging and glass, as well as separate containers for small mixed municipal waste, including the shredders that reduce the disposed waste by seven times, cost about 37,000 kuna.

"The system is the result of many years of work by local experts from the Croatian company EcoMobile, and the system is fully manufactured in the Republic of Croatia," said Aleksandar Ivanovic from EcoMobile when presenting the innovative smart bins.

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There's a Place for Croatian Food in Germany, Honey Already Popular
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 08:18

There's a Place for Croatian Food in Germany, Honey Already Popular

Is there a place for Croatian food on the competitive market of nearby Germany? It seems that yes, there is, and rich Croatian honey has already won the hearts of many German shoppers.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Bernard Ivezic writes on the 1st of June, 2020, GoGreen, the brand of Croatia's largest agricultural cluster and the first domestic smart market until three years ago, was taken over and reactivated in mid-March by the Zagreb-based company Anytime Logistika. In the new business, GoGreen is only part of the business. The main focus is on logistics, wholesale and exports.

Anytime Logistika has just done its first job for Germany's largest retail chain, Edeka, which is 50 percent larger in Germany than Lidl and Kaufland combined and holds more than a fifth of the German market. Among other things, it placed Croatian food such as honey there. Alan Slapar, who started the GoGreen brand, and who is now working at Anytime Logistika on the development and digitalisation of domestic producers, says that Andrea Rukavina runs the business here in Croatia and Tomislav Hunic runs it over in Germany.

"The deal with Edeka was agreed upon by Tomislav Hunic, who lives and works in Germany, and who noted that all those there in the field, already present on the markets, find it easier to communicate with local procurement managers than even we from Croatia can,'' said Slapar. He added that he is already working on other customers because the market for Croatian food and agricultural products in Germany really does exist.

Here in Croatia, the company is working to strengthen its storage capacity. Anytime Logistika currently has a warehouse in Sesvetski Kraljevec of 140 square metres in a cooling mode from 2 ° C to 6 ° C. However, they are also building a new one which will span a significantly larger 750 square metres and in which there will be a deep-freeze cooling regime of -18 ° C and a temperature of 12 ° C.

"The warehouse will be equipped for the quick freezing and packaging of fresh and seasonal fruits, and there will also be a special system for washed and sliced ​​vegetables, such as already peeled and sliced ​​potatoes, zucchini spaghetti, salads and such things,'' explained Slapar.

They are also arranging warehouse and sales points in Zagreb and the surrounding area, but the emphasis is being placed primarily on wholesale. He stated that that is why they offered support to online stores, launched the HoReCa-Point sales channel for catering and decided on a precedent in Croatia. On the Anytime Logistika website, it will offer the possibility to order all products available in stock in real time.

"One of the basic problems in the distribution of agricultural products in Croatia is that producers don't even have a catalog of their products so that wholesale or retail customers can even come to find out what they actually have to offer. And if the customers don't know, then they won't even bother ordering,'' noted Slapar.

He stated that they are therefore working intensively on digitalisation with the Croatian producers they work with. Each manufacturer that enters their system also enters a catalog which they then offer on various markets depending on the product and their respective capacities. He pointed out that he wasn't surprised that doing business that way has intensified over the past two months and that family farms have taken an interest in GoGreen yet again.

"I don't attribute the interest so much to GoGreen as much as I do to the new chaos and hysteria, because Croatia hasn't invested in more creative ways of distribution for years, and with the arrival of the new coronavirus and isolation measures, it proved to be a big issue for all companies," explained Slapar.

Anytime Logistika currently has, he said, even better collaboration with larger manufacturers than it has with smaller ones. He explained that this is the result of a market shock.

"Because of these sudden market declines, now 'everything is possible'', ''everyone is good'' and there is potential in everything," Slapar concluded.

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Croatian Tourism: Should Croatia Forget About Italian Tourists This Summer?
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 08:16

Croatian Tourism: Should Croatia Forget About Italian Tourists This Summer?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 2nd of June, 2020, everyone who is expecting Italian tourists all over Europe and the world this year will be disappointed because, according to the current mood of the Italians, many of them will not leave Italy during the summer. Croatia is a favourite destination for many Italians, but should the Croatian tourism industry simply forget about Italian guests this summer?

''According to current polls, it is estimated that only three percent of those Italians who have gone abroad on holiday in previous years will leave Italy at all this tourist season. That is a miserable number compared to those polls taken before the pandemic hit,'' says Rea Karnincic from Milan, who is originally from the Dalmatian city Split and owns the travel agency "Solo Croazia" for Slobodna Dalmacija.

The real question is, is there any interest at all from Italians for a holiday in Croatia, does Rea's travel agency have such inquiries?

''Well, I can't say my phone lines are really hot. For months, no one called because no one knew what would happen with the coronavirus pandemic and how the situation would develop. In recent days, the phone has been "shyly" ringing, they're starting to become interested again, but I think that everyone in Europe, including people in Croatia, can forget about Italian tourists during June. Maybe there'll be a few of them during July, August and September. The shipping company SNAV, which connects Italy and Croatia, will start sailing only on June the 27th, and the planes will take off only at the beginning of July. In addition, Jadrolinija starts operating with Italy again on June the 10th or 12th, so just twice a week,'' said Karnincic.

The fact that this current negative mood in Italy is bad for the Croatian tourism industry is best shown by the fact that before the coronavirus crisis, about a million Italian citizens came here during the summer months.

''And those are some bygone, better times. The answer to why many Italians won't bother to travel abroad this summer should be sought primarily in financial reasons, as many people have become impoverished or out of work, so they just can't afford a holiday. Another reason is that many Italians no longer have any days off, because during the crisis, they took advantage of the "old" days off and those for this year.

The third reason is that the Italian state encourages Italians to stay and spend their holidays in Italy and thus help the country's economic recovery. Thus, each family will receive a voucher worth 500 euros, which must be spent in hotels in Italy. Single people will receive a voucher of 150 euros,'' concluded Rea Karnincic in an interview for Slobodna Dalmacija.

For more on Croatian tourism in the coronavirus era, follow our travel section.

Environmental Protection Fund allocating over HRK 600M
Izvor:  Croatia Week
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 08:05

ZAGREB, June 3 (Hina) – The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund will allocate over HRK 600 million in grants to...

Foreign direct investments in Croatia reach 5-year high
Izvor:  Croatia Week
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 08:00

ZAGREB, June 3 (Hina) – In 2019, foreign direct investments in Croatia totalled €1.24 billion, up 19% on the year, and...

Austrian Media on Tourism Challenges in Croatia: Worse than in War
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 07:06

Austrian Media on Tourism Challenges in Croatia: Worse than in War

June 3, 2020 - Austrian newspaper Die Presse and the German Rheinische Post (RP) published an article by journalist Thomas Roser entitled "Croatia: Worse Than in War", which talks about the challenges of this tourist season in Croatia. "The crisis has hit tourism-dependent Croatia hard," the article said, noting that it could be good for Croatia in the long run.

Index.hr reports that the beginning of the article describes the empty Opatija, which is usually full of tourists at this time of year. "Spring in Opatija is always beautiful, but this year it was strange without guests," says Radovan Lazic from the Adriatic Hotel, who adds that there were people in the hotel during the war, there were refugees, but that during the pandemic there were none.

Croatia's dependence on tourism

"Cancellation of reservations, financial pressure is growing, insecurity is growing - all this is upsetting people," Lazic describes the atmosphere in the hotel industry.

No European country is as dependent on tourists as Croatia, and they point out that the income from tourism is almost a fifth of the country's GDP. "The crisis caused by the coronavirus has, therefore, hit the newest EU member like no other: according to the Vienna Institute, Croatia will have an economic decline of 11 percent," Die Presse and RP reported.

The Croatian Adriatic will be officially open to tourists from June 15, and the congress gatherings scheduled for the spring will be postponed to the autumn.

Varteks expects a better market position

The article also cites a different example from the Croatian economy, namely Varteks, who, after a long crisis last year, was given new capital and new life, and now, in addition to tweed suits, protective masks are also sewn.

The president of the board, Tomislav Babić, is not pessimistic about the future, the article states. Babic believes that production will return from Asia to Europe. "We produce for a market that is close to us, so we can react quickly to trends, unlike the competition that imports all its goods," says Babic.

Balkans: Low wages and labor

The article points out that the Balkans could perhaps benefit from supply chain disruptions during a pandemic because now European countries will want to have production nearby instead of in Asia, and there is a workforce in the Balkans. Salaries are also not high.

"It took Croatia half a decade to recover from economic growth after the 2008 crisis. This time it could go faster: 4 percent growth is projected for 2021," the article said, adding that it would take several years to make up for this year's minus. The state's indebtedness will rise to 90 percent, so there is a possibility that "the youngest member will not be able to get closer to the EU average again, but will end up on the floor."

Increasing the number of unemployed

The cancellation of the European Capital of Culture in Rijeka is also mentioned as another blow to Croatia.

Unemployment is a particular problem, rising 32.4 percent from March to May. The current number of 160,000 unemployed could double by the end of the year, according to journalist Thomas Roser. Finally, he quotes Index and warns that "an avalanche of cancellations is yet to come."

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33,000 Tourists in Croatia 'A Good Start', Says Cappelli
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Srijeda, 03 Lipanj 2020 06:49

33,000 Tourists in Croatia 'A Good Start', Says Cappelli

June 3,  2020 - On Tuesday in Pula, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli assessed that the fact that 33,000 tourists are currently staying in Croatia is a good start, and that number is increasing day by day.

"If someone had told us two months ago that we would have between 30,000 and 40,000 tourists in early June, we probably wouldn't have believed them. However, these figures are good and represent a good start, and we got this credit thanks to people from the Civil Protection and health workers," Cappelli said on Slobodna Dalmacija, adding that Croatia, unlike other competing countries such as Italy, Spain and France, prevented the pandemic from spreading in time.

For the latest travel info, bookmark our main travel info article, which is updated daily

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Commenting on the information that the influential American magazine Forbes listed three Croatian destinations among the 20 safest and best European destinations for post-corona travel and tourism - Zagreb, Cavtat and Rijeka, Cappelli pointed out that Croatia created a great program and received 'credit in tourism'.

"We have always been recognizable for the safety and nature in Croatia. Now it turns out that security is again the strongest asset of Croatia for this season and I believe that this is the main reason for coming to our country. Croatia managed to defend itself from this pandemic and organize very well," Cappelli asserted.

He also spoke about the Croatian application for travelers, which he assessed as unique in Europe, because "you can make an announcement in advance and enter the country in five seconds".

He also mentioned that Croatia is now at 12-13 percent in terms of tourist traffic compared to last year, and he believes that it will reach 30 to 35 percent in the second half of July and the beginning of August.

"It is interesting that in some continental counties we currently have 50 percent of the turnover compared to last year, because in these counties there are mostly domestic guests," said Cappelli.

On Tuesday in Pula, the Minister of Tourism signed a contract with the director of the School of Tourism, Hospitality and Trade Orhideja Petković to award grants for the Regional Competence Center in Pula worth 44.7 million kuna, and visited tourist facilities in the municipality of Bale where he talked to investors and owners about the state of reservations and expectations from the tourist season after the resumption of tourist activity and the opening of borders.

He also visited the recently completed tourist investment at Villa Noble, worth 13.5 million kuna, and the Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery, where an investment worth over 35 million kuna in accommodation and other facilities was also recently completed.

USKOK Says It, DORH Haven't Leaked Information In Wind Park Case
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Utorak, 02 Lipanj 2020 19:28

USKOK Says It, DORH Haven't Leaked Information In Wind Park Case

ZAGREB, June 2, 2020 - The State Prosecutor's Office (DORH) and the USKOK anti-corruption office are not the sources of information from the investigation in the wind park case that has been published in the media, USKOK said on Tuesday, adding that the police were ordered to investigate the leaks.

DORH and USKOK are not the sources of the information published in the media because the publication of any information from the investigation undermines breakthroughs in the case, which is why the police were ordered today to investigate, USKOK said. 

In this case, the decision to conduct an investigation was made on May 30 and, in line with the Criminal Procedure Act, it was forwarded to all the accused and their lawyers, at least 29 persons, USKOK said, adding that all the transcripts that had been published were cited in the decision on the investigation.

A comparison of what has been published and the transcripts cited in the decision shows that the published transcripts have been partly misinterpreted, USKOK added.

The fact that only transcripts of conversations cited in the decision on the investigation have been published, thereby being available to a large number of persons, confirms that USKOK is not the source of the information that has been published, USKOK said.

It recalled that in line with the Criminal Procedure Act, after a decision to conduct an investigation is made, all accused and their lawyers are entitled to see the case file and copy it.

Although under the Criminal Procedure Act and investigation is not secret but not public either, DORH and USKOK believe that the publication of information gathered during an investigation undermines breakthroughs in the case, which is why it is highly important to establish who leaked it in this case, USKOK said.

Claims that DORH and USKOK are leaking information discredit the efforts and work of DORH and incite distrust in its work, USKOK said.

Milanovic Comments On Rimac: It's Unbelievable Someone Can Act Like That
Izvor:  Total Croatia News
Utorak, 02 Lipanj 2020 19:26

Milanovic Comments On Rimac: It's Unbelievable Someone Can Act Like That

ZAGREB, June 2, 2020 - President Zoran Milanovic said on Tuesday that Josipa Rimac, a former state secretary arrested in the wind park scandal, had once said that he was not a Croat, adding that he cannot believe that someone who is a state secretary can behave like an "agent for an American investment company."

Asked if he was surprised by the wind park scandal and its extent, Milanovic said that while he was prime minister, Rimac, a former Knin mayor, had said that he was not a Croat and that he did not love his people.

"Then we paid a couple of million kunas for a monument at the Knin railway station. My government did not commission it. We financed it with a feeling of joy and patriotism. Then she brought those troublemakers to Knin and now she is in investigative custody. It is unbelievable that the state secretary in the Public Administration Ministry has the nerve to behave like an agent for an American investment company," he said.

Responding to a reporter's remark that Environment and Energy Minister Tomislav Coric shifted the responsibility for the wind park scandal onto his government because all agreements regarding renewable energy sources were signed during his term in office, Milanovic said that Coric was not telling the truth.

Milanovic said that at the end of his term, the then relevant minister, Ivan Vrdoljak, adopted "some sort of decision," after which the government led by Tihomir Oreskovic was in power for a brief time and then came the current government which, Milanovic said, has had four and a half years to "nip that in the bud."

"If a minister had some authority in my government and could make some decisions on his own, I do not know about that," he claimed and explained that at one stage wind parks were interesting for investors because enterprises were stimulated to invest in that form of energy production.

With regard to the March for Life is held on the day of election silence, Milanovic said that was an initiative that advocated the fight against abortion and is led by a woman who previously worked for Human Rights Watch, adding that he has a problem with the concept of election silence in any case.

"That doesn't mean anything. I think that lady is not a candidate on any election slate. It's all the same to me, the people will decide. That might bother some people and they will go to the polls and vote for someone else or maybe they didn't plan to vote at all," he said.

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